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Launch 2020

Newborn Photography,
by Paloma Schell
e-book, 2020
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In this book Paloma teaches how to do newborn photography sessions with safety, creativity and beauty.
In a very practical way, you will learn how a baby’s physiology works, relaxation techniques and the step-by-step guide to do the newborn session in a safe and objective way.
This book is focused on newborn photography, which is the most purest, delicate and beautiful moment in life.
Paloma Schell, a specialist in this segment, uses all her experience and didactics, which she acquired teaching courses, where she trained professionals in 17 countries, to write this book with clear and objective language, where every detail is explored.
In addition to all the written content, there are a series of illustrations with technical and detailed explanations of poses, wrap moorings and light schemes, which will help to understand the content through visual aids.
The book Newborn Photography by Paloma Schell is a work of art, but it is also an extremely technical textbook.
Discover all the secrets of newborn photography and become a much more prepared professional.

Only $24
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